Taboo Genuine Absinthe

500ml60% alc/vol

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With the realization that Absinthe was not banned in Canada, Okanagan Spirits decided to make the country’s first genuine Absinthe in 2007.

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Using the same traditional distilling methods and original recipes of the early 19th Century, Okanagan Spirits created Taboo Genuine Absinthe.

One of the key ingredients to the smoothness of our Absinthe is that it is created from a neutral fruit alcohol (gluten-free). Fruit alcohol gives our Taboo a much softer, less aggressive finish than alcohol made from grain.

No artificial flavors or essences are used in the production of any of the Okanagan Spirits products, and to give Taboo its unique aroma and taste we use whole herbs that consist of Fennel, Anise, Lemon Balm, Hyssop, Petite Wormwood and Grande Wormwood.

All of these herbs grow wild in our back garden and can be readily found in many meadows and grasslands within Western Canada.

Absinthe famed for its history as the drink of choice for many great painters, writers and thinkers of the 19th Century (see history) is now readily available throughout Canada to enjoy.

An avid pick for those who enjoy the taste of Black Licorice without the sweetness of a liqueur such as Sambuca.

An award-winning Absinthe, our recipe has won Gold at the World Spirits Awards (2013 & 2015), an affirmation that our Absinthe had ‘made it’ by European standards.

4 reviews for Taboo Genuine Absinthe

  1. olivier

    I had the chance to taste the taboo, few weeks ago. Very good !
    Originaly from France, I’m very familiar with Absinthe (french, spansih, czech) for few decades now…So, thanks for the quality
    Tant le raffinement du goût, que l’effet recherché sont au rendez-vous.
    Chapeau bas !

  2. Manny

    I received this as a gift from friends visiting us in Quebec from BC, this absinthe is amazing, very smooth for 60% alcohol and you feel it in your legs within minutes! Great flavours!

  3. Joel

    Absolutely delicious Absinthe! the oils roll over your tongue and linger long after the first sip. extremely easy to drink and sip either straight or chilled over some ice.

  4. Chantelle

    A hidden gem. The respect to authenticity shows and is refreshing in a market saturated with artificial flavors. A great addition to holiday cocktails. Thank you for a wonderful local distillery ❤️🍁

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World Spirits Award Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes - World Spirits

Fragrance: Characteristic aniseed, wormwood and fennel basis, citrus, balm, mint, eucalyptus, delicate spiciness, dried herbs, thyme, yarrow, iva, slightly marc-like aspects, almost pear- and apple-like. Taste: Pronounced star aniseed and wormwood texture, a lot of hay flowers, caraway, cinnamon, ethereal oils, cool menthol, herbal spiciness, sweet aniseed finish, vivid, long and herbal-fruity in the finish. 92.3 Points (Gold medal winner at the World Spirit Awards)

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