BC Rye Whisky

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  • Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery is pleased to present BC Rye Whisky. This proudly Canadian whisky exemplifies the spirit of the west with a smooth yet spicy mix of good old Western Interior sass. https://youtu.be/O2fNikKDKFI  

With a blend of 51% of our Coldstream Valley Rye, and 49% of our locally malted BC Barley, this five year-old hand-crafted Rye is aged in our custom American white oak barrels.

Distiller’s Notes:
“Straight up Canadiana in a glass!  This years BC Rye release is a gorgeously complex whisky with layers of elegance that keep unfolding with each successive sip.  The nose starts with tones of vanilla and malted grain, which are soon complimented with layers of stone fruit and even a ghost of banana. As the whisky flows over the tongue and across the palate, there is a touch of toasted oak and a smooth warm mouth feel followed by a hint of plum pudding.  The finish is long and luxurious and reminds the connoisseur of why Rye whisky used to rule the Canadian Frontier”

It’s Rye, it’s ours, and it’s proudly Canadian to its core!

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Customer Reviews

  • Brendan McDevitt
  • August 1, 2017
I have been trying to buy this product every chance I get since I first had it 4 years ago. It sells out extremely quickly... and for good reason! This is a very smooth yet slightly smokey whiskey. It has all the notes expected of a high quality single malt, but is Rye. They've cleverly kept this product a secret.... becuase it's the best they have. This Rye is great mixed as is it smooth. Yet, it's far more incredible as a straight up, on the rock drink. It has bite. But it doesn't burn. This is Canada's #1 Rye Whiskey bar none!
  • Wesley
  • March 5, 2023
Best Rye you can buy, 100%. Throughly enjoy this Rye. Tough to find but you can buy at the Kelowna downtown distillery or Vernon distillery.

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