Rhubarb Liqueur

375ml24% alc/vol

$30.00 (BEFORE TAX)

That’s right, Okanagan Spirits has taken a vegetable and turned it into the unthinkable – a delicious liqueur reminiscent of Grandma’s rhubarb pie filling.

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Distiller’s Notes:

“I have often said ‘I recognize and appreciate a high quality spirit if it is able to evoke great memories.’

My early childhood memories of rhubarb included many summer trips to various B.C. relatives where the dreaded fresh home-made “Rhubarb Juice” was served, instead of meeting our cravings for soda pop sugar waters. It was with some hesitation that I decided to journey down memory lane, to produce our first B.C. Rhubarb Liqueur for late Summer 2016 release.

After putting the call out to local residents, the interest in supplying Okanagan Spirits with rhubarb was amazing and encouraging. Many rhubarb growers often added their own tales of life experiences with rhubarb and various old family rhubarb recipes. Others, admittedly were just happy to get rid of the rhubarb and see it put to good use.

Hand chopping of every stalk at the distillery was humbling; actually mind-numbing. Maybe not so much a labour of love now. The resulting liqueur? A beautiful natural pink-red 24% Rhubarb Liqueur that oozes a lingering Rhubarb aftertaste.

My sincere gratitude to the many local residents who arrived at the distillery with a seemingly never ending supply of home grown B.C. Rhubarb.”

(World Spirits Awards 2017 – Silver)


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