Laird of Fintry Lottery

Laird of Fintry Single Malt Whisky Lottery

The Laird Lottery Is Open

A truly Canadian Single Malt Whisky that belongs on every Whisky lover’s shelf!

Every release of our Laird  of Fintry creates such demand that thousands of whisky fans enter the Laird Lottery hoping to win the opportunity to buy a bottle of the coveted whisky.

Enter your full name and email address to join our annual Laird of Fintry lottery to win the opportunity to buy our coveted single malt whisky. Upon entering the Laird lottery, you will receive The Whisky Club newsletter and will be of the first to hear whisky news; including availability of unclaimed bottles from the lottery, limited whisky releases, exclusive whisky events and, of course, the opening of the annual lottery!

Annual lottery winners are notified by email at the end of September each lottery year.  Winners will be entitled to purchase 2 x 750ml bottles of Laird of Fintry or 4 x 375ml bottles.

For those whisky aficionados who want to guarantee themselves a bottle of the newest Laird of Fintry release, join our new exclusive Barrel Room Whisky Club*.
*limited memberships available

NOTE: As a bonus of staying connected and as per our lottery and newsletter rules and regulations, if you were a participant in our 2020 lottery, or a member of our Whisky Club or Spirit News Newsletter, your name is automatically added into this year’s Laird of Fintry 2021 Lottery. May luck be on your side!
If you have friends or loved ones who might also want to try their luck in this year’s lottery be sure to tell them to act fast and sign up as time is ticking!

Laird of Fintry Lottery

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