Barrel Room Whisky Club


Bypass the Laird of Fintry lottery!

Our exclusive Barrel Room Whisky Club* guarantees you one 750ml bottle of each of our whiskies: Laird of Fintry Single Malt, Laird of Fintry Cask Strength, Laird of Fintry Rum Barrel Finish, BRBN Bourbon-style, BLK BRBN Cask Strength (bottle not shown) and BC Rye.

* limited memberships available

Whiskies included (6 x 750ml):
2021 Laird of Fintry  42%  $75
2021 Laird of Fintry Cask Strength  56%  $105
2021 Laird of Fintry Rum Barrel Finish  42%  $75
2021 BRBN  40%  $60
2021 BLK BRBN Cask Strength  54%  $80
2021 BC Rye  40%  $60

Whisky Experience for two adults at our Vernon distillery, value up to $100
1 wooden gift box available for pickup in Vernon or Kelowna only, value $40
2 Glencairn whisky glasses, value $22
1 Laird of Fintry t-shirt, value $35*

*availability may vary; enter your choice of Male or Female cut and preferred size in “Order Notes” at Checkout

Total:  $530 + 10% + 5% + bottle deposit

*At time of ordering, we will send you the 2021 BRBN, 2021 BLK BRBN, and the 2021 BC RYE.  Your 2021 Laird of Fintry Series bottles (Blue, Cask & Original) will be mailed to you once they are bottled at the beginning of October 2021.  

Note: You may still join the annual Laird of Fintry Lottery even as a member of the Barrel Room Whisky Club. Why wouldn’t you? 365 days is a long time to wait for the next Laird release with only one bottle!

Click this link to see the Barrel Room Whisky Club purchase page.

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