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Sunshine Mule

Yields1 Serving

A twist on the classic moscow mule using Gin and mint.

 2 oz Okanagan Spirits Gin
 ¾ oz Lime Juice
 ½ oz Mint Syrup
 3 Berry Ice Cubes
 1 Fentiman's Ginger Beer

Ice Cubes: Take fresh orange juice and berry juice and pour into moulds, preferably silicone. Freeze and use in cocktail to prevent watering down of drink by adding juice infusion.


Mint Syrup: 1 cup Water, 1 cup Sugar, 5 Mint Sprigs. Muddle mint in pot. Bring all ingredients to a boil and remove immediately. Allow to cool before using in cocktail.


Shake all ingredients (except ginger beer) in an ice-filled shaker, strain into a mule mug.


Top with ginger beer and garnish with a lime wedge.