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Masala Chai Sour

Yields1 Serving

A twist on the classic Whisky Sour using spices inspired by India.

 2 oz Okanagan Spirits Whisky
 1 oz Fresh lemon juice
  oz Masala simple syrup
 1 Egg white
 3 dashes Denman Bitters

Shake all the ingredients in an ice-filled cocktail shaker until the egg white emulsifies.


Garnish with a dried lemon disk, drunken cherry skewer and a light dash of cinnamon.

Masala Syrup

Create a simple syrup using equal parts sugar and water.

Add multiple Irish Breakfast tea bags, crushed cardamom, ginger (fresh, peeled, sliced), one cinnamon stick and a dash of bitters.

Bring to a boil and remove off heat immediately.

Allow to steep for at least 48 hours to one week for maximum flavour.

Strain and refrigerate.