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Recipes & Cocktails

Eau de Vie

A selection of delicious Okanagan Spirits Eau de vie inspired cocktails created in-house by our staff and some of Canada’s most creative and well-known bartenders.

A Place in the SunA summer cocktail using Poire Williams by the Nightingale Bar in Vancouver.
Eastern OrchardAn orchard inspired cocktail featuring a blend of our pear, plum and apple brandy. Designed by Harry Dosanj.
English HarvestA citrus forward yet bold cocktail featuring our Old Italian Prune EDV and Gin.
Hot ToddyThe Hot Toddy's are lovely slow sippers or night caps.
Island SpicePhoto & recipe from @shaker_and_twist Dirty Rye
Kasugai SourA drink in honour of Kelowna's Sister City, and the beautiful Kasugai Gardens downtown.
La Mort et L’ExilAn award-winning cocktail using Okanagan Spirits Canados and Sea Buckthorn Liqueur.
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Okanagan Spirits can be used in a variety of cocktails and culinary recipes and is so by several restaurants and bars.

We continuously update our selection of recipes for you to try out and are always welcoming of innovative new ways to use our spirits. Please check back in soon!

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