A selection of delicious Okanagan Spirits cocktails created in-house, by our Okanagan Spirits staff, and at events and local bars by some of Canada's most creative and well-known bartenders.

A Place in the SunA summer cocktail using Poire Williams by the Nightingale Bar in Vancouver.
Absinthe MindedA cocktail perfect for the evenings with Taboo, Espresso and Bailey's.
Absinthe MojitoTake your Mojito to another level by substituting rum with Taboo Absinthe.
Blackcurrant DropOkanagan Spirits Gin and lemon juice finished with a 'drop' of Blackcurrant.
Caesar Of LifeA twist on a classic Caesar using Simp’s Serious Caesar Mix, Mott's Clamato and our award-winning Aquavitus (Akvavit).
Classic CaesarA classic Canadian Caesar, using Okanagan Spirits Vodka.
CrantiniLooking to impress your guests with a holiday classic? Try our crisp and fruity Cranberry Martini!
Eastern OrchardAn orchard inspired cocktail featuring a blend of our pear, plum and apple brandy. Designed by Harry Dosanj.
English HarvestA citrus forward yet bold cocktail featuring our Old Italian Prune EDV and Gin.
FenfiginiA martini with fennel, fig and Okanagan Spirits Vodka.
Gin CaesarA twist on a Caesar using Gin and fresh horseradish.
Haskap SparklerA simple and delicious drink. Impress your guests with this elegant fruity cocktail.
High TeaAdd some Gin to your brunch with this High Tea cocktail recipe
Kasugai SourA drink in honour of Kelowna's Sister City, and the beautiful Kasugai Gardens downtown.
KhiraRefresh with Cucumber, Cardamom, Ginger Beer and Gin.
Kir RoyaleThe French classic cocktail using Blackcurrant Liqueur (Cassis)
La Mort et L’ExilAn award-winning cocktail using Okanagan Spirits Canados and Sea Buckthorn Liqueur.
Marilyn MonroeA cocktail created for the legendary Marilyn Monroe using Canados (Calvados).
Masala Chai SourA twist on the classic Whisky Sour using spices inspired by India.
Mint JulepA refreshing Whisky cocktail using mint.
Moscow MuleA classic Moscow Mule using Okanagan Spirits Vodka.
Moscow YuleA holiday treat with rosemary, cranberry and gingerbeer.
NAMACHAIA spiced summer sipper using Chai and Gin
Norman InfusionComplex and tasty Haskap liqueur, Canados and Okanagan Spirits Gin
Northern StarGin and a touch of Elderflower Liqueur make this a perfect spring sipper.
Okanagan Pear SourA twist on a Gin sour using Poire Williams (pear brandy) and fall spices.
RazarooThis Raspberry cocktail combines Gin, Rhubarb and Raspberry EDV.
Rose NoseA floral cocktail with a subtle hint of spice using our award-winning Aquavit.
Rotary DreamA mild fruity cocktail with Cranberry Liqueur and Gin.
Seal The DillAn award-winning cocktail using dill, Sea Buckthorn and Gin.
Sunshine MuleA twist on the classic moscow mule using Gin and mint.
TabjitoA twist on the classic mojito using Taboo Absinthe.
Tom CollinsA classic using Okanagan Spirits Gin, lemon juice, sugar and soda.
Water Of LoveA romance of Okanagan Spirits Gin, Aquavitus and Taboo Absinthe.
Whisky SourA classic and must for any whisky lover's cocktail list