Captain Shorts Triple Wood Single Malt Whisky

750ML44% ALC/VOL
  • Captain Shorts' Reserve started it's life in our local north Okanagan fields before being fermented, double-distilled and laid to rest for 5 years in one of our custom toasted white oak casks. From there this Lot 1, 2023 Reserve was racked and transferred into a newly emptied port barrel for an additional 6 months, and then, to impart additional smokey toasted oak notes, it was re-introduced into another one of our custom white-oak casks for an additional 4 months. The result is pure whisky indulgence for the serious whisky connoisseur.

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In honour of the great poet and whisky enthusiast Robert “Rabbie” Burns, our family distillery has decided to launch a new annual single-cask release of an extremely-rare style of limited-edition triple-wood whiskies under our new frontier inspired whisky line. To give a hat-tip to our Okanagan heritage, we’ve chosen to name this new whisky line after another larger than life, albeit less poet more fabulist character, Captain Thomas Dorling Shorts. This storied lover of whisky, and of narrator of tall tales is the inspiration behind our inaugural release of…

Captain Thomas Dorling Shorts
Triple-Wood Single Malt Whisky

“The High Admiral of Okanagan Lake” was a gruff frontiersman who was known to row passengers (and up to 5000 pounds of cargo) the length of of the lake in his 22ft long row boat, rain or shine. During these voyages, this talented spinner of yarns would regale his passengers, and anyone else in earshot, with tales of the high “seas” and derring-do adventures… in effect, a pioneer poet in his own right!

With less than 300 bottles in existence, Lot 2 of Captain Shorts’ Triple-Wood Reserve salutes two historical figures who shared a love of storytelling, and of course, the gorgeous golden-brown elixir that often enables it!

Sláinte… and let the storytelling begin!

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