Laird of Fintry Single Malt Whisky

750ml42% alc/vol

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$75.00 (BEFORE TAX)

A Canadian Single Malt Whisky produced in small batches using 100% B.C. malted barley, B.C.’s oldest craft distillery releases the exclusive Laird of Fintry Single Malt Whisky only once a year through a lottery.

The Laird of Fintry Lottery is open. Enter by signing-up for the Whisky Club Insider.

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Produced in small batches using 100% B.C. malted barley, B.C.’s oldest craft distillery releases the exclusive Laird of Fintry Single Malt Whisky only once a year through a lottery. Sign up to the Whisky Club today to be the first to hear about the lottery opening and Okanagan Spirits whisky releases.

Is it Scotch?

If the Laird of Fintry was made in Scotland it would be, but as only Single Malt Whiskies made in Scotland can call themselves “Scotch”, we celebrate ours as BC’S Original Single Malt Whisky! The Laird is homegrown Okanagan to its core and fiercely proud of it.

Flavour Profile

After years of barrel-aging in French and American Oak, this Canadian Single Malt is smooth, non-peated and combines solid forest notes of toasted oak with more delicate tones of vanilla, plum, raisins, caramel and spice.

Why ‘The Laird of Fintry’?

Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery wanted to pay homage to the Okanagan when naming its Canadian Single Malt Whisky.

‘The Laird of Fintry’ title is based on the true story of James Cameron Dun-Waters, the ‘Laird’ of Fintry estates in Fintry, BC, who in the early 1900s ordered a special batch of personally labelled Single Malt Whisky (Scotch) from his homeland Scotland.

Using a replica of the original label, Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery wanted to honour the history of whisky in the Okanagan.

In turn, it also supports the ‘Friends of Fintry Society‘ with an annual donation to help maintain the original property of The Laird.

10 reviews for Laird of Fintry Single Malt Whisky

  1. Prof. Howard Hisdal of Okanagan College

    This is an excellent “scotch” type whiskey and well worth the price and the wait. It should be shared with your closest friends or sipped in the evening by the fire.

  2. Ed Thompson

    I quite enjoyed the taste of this whiskey that i had. Definitely a very good “scotch” whiskey.

  3. Kam Longia

    Very well balanced and easy to drink. My only gripe is that it’s so exclusive. I’ve been waiting for it to come back in stock since the bottle ran dry last year 🙂

  4. the Wandering Whisky Whisperer

    One of the best whiskies of all time…and I have tasted over 300 whiskies

  5. Andy

    My bottle arrived last Friday and opened it today to sip after dinner. My first Laird of Fintry bottle. Very smooth and has that fruity taste that lingers after. Would definitely order again if there are any left after the draw

  6. Dennis

    Received a bottle for Christmas and was very pleased with the smooth taste and caramel notes in the finish. Beautiful colour and good ‘legs’ on the side of the glass.
    Will definitely spread the word and be on the lookout for the next batch.

  7. Scott Bell

    A nice wee dram. All the ommph of a named whisky yet there’s lighter side to it. Fruity almost, a refreshing lovely clean finish. Very drinkable.
    I will be back for my 4th lottery! 🙂

  8. Robert Anderson

    Absolutely the best Canadian whiskey I have ever had. 100% recommend it.

  9. Darren H

    Waited four years to win the lottery to purchase a bottle of Laird Fintry! Have it shipped to where we live in the USA, my friends are very envious of the complexity, depth, and taste. Great notes of caramel, vanilla, and hint of spice. Hope to win again and taunt my buddies!

  10. Justin

    didn’t think a local whiskey could obtain this quality , well done !

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World Spirits Awards Tasting Notes

Fragrance: Typical aromas, candy ester type, wild berries, raspberries, bananas, a lot of raisin, subtle grain, sherry cask accents, green nuts, light nougat, vanilla. Taste: Multi-faceted, very fruity abundance of aromas, berries, pears, grapes, malt and cream candy, raisins, vanilla, malty sweetness, some green and tart wood, good tightness and length. (90 points - Gold)

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