Laird of Fintry Rum Barrel Whisky

750ml42% alc/vol

$85.00 (BEFORE TAX)


Martinique Rhum Cask Finish Single Malt Whisky. Batch #4

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The Laird of Fintry Blue Label is our family’s latest release in our special cask finish series of Single Malt Whisky.

This rum-barrel, double-wood Laird is for the seafaring whisky lover. With a hat tip to BC’s coastal heritage, this fine grog exudes generous waves of caramelized plum, winter-spice, and sticky-rum-pudding. Our Admiral of a single-malt is to be sipped slowly with your crew, allowing the fruit undertones and toasted oak to gently roll across your palate. Let your senses experience the exceptional while you lift a glass to toast the Laird’s swashbuckling twin.

A Laird Blue Label Mickey is also available.


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