Laird of Fintry Cask Strength Whisky

750ml56% alc/vol

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Introducing the Laird of Fintry, Cask-Strength edition, available annually on a first come first served basis at both of our distilleries and online.
Also available in Laird Mickey 3-Pack.

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Introducing the Laird of Fintry, Cask-Strength edition, available on a first come first served basis annually at both of our distilleries and online.

Distilled in traditional Single Malt Whisky fashion using our own locally-grown BC two row malting barley, yeast, and spring water, this whisky is aged for five years in American white oak casks and finished for six months in Quails’ Gate Old Vines Fortified Foch French oak barrels.

So what is ‘Cask strength’?

Known as ‘barrel-proof’ or ‘straight outta the barrel,’ Cask Strength means you get a chance to taste our Laird of Fintry at full strength, in this case 56%, and only lightly filtered.

Tasting Notes 

Colour: A deep rich auburn
Nose: Layered waves of caramel, vanilla, stone fruit and spice
Taste: Rich elegant notes of toffee and caramel followed by a warm lingering dessert reminiscent of winter-spiced sticky toffee pudding
Mouth-feel: Coats the palate with a spicy warmth and a silky smooth
Finish: A long lingering warmth that stays with you and makes you yearn for more.

Act fast as for the 2020 release we barrel selected only four casks for bottling!

4 reviews for Laird of Fintry Cask Strength Whisky

  1. Brett Fehr (verified owner)

    I am by no means a whiskey connoisseur but I do like a good cask strength whiskey and this one is at the top of my favorites. I love the original Laird of Fintry but I find the cask strength just adds so much more to an already great whiskey. No tasting notes from me because everyone’s palate is different but this doesn’t disappoint in any range.

  2. Bill (verified owner)

    A very youthful whisky that may very well improve with increase barrel aging.
    My first impression with nosing is that it was quite woody in the nose with undertones of red wine. It’s Colour was heavy on the red side as compared with other single malts even those finished in a port or claret barrel.
    On the pallet initial notes of honey and fruit gave way to a spicy finish that lingered for a respectable time.
    Pleasant enough but on the tough side of the spectrum.

  3. Sol

    Ripe Okanagan cherries, vanilla, toffee, and warming spice. Nice lasting warmth with hints of the malt showing up late. A perfect Christmas dram.

  4. Ron

    In my opinion this is a very smooth “cask”, love it! I will be buying this as long as it is available. Thanks OS!!

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