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Band Select

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  • Whisky for a cause!  The “Three Scotch In – Band Select” is our premium single malt Whisky favored by the band themselves. With forest notes of toasted oak, delicate tones of vanilla, plum, raisins, caramel and spice and made with 100% B.C. Malted Barley; this single malt harkens to the band’s own musical style. Three Scotch In makes Whisky for your ears. Home grown here in the Okanagan with the grit of any fine spirit touching on several complex overtones, and finishing smooth; now you can experience the band in both flavour and aroma in addition to enjoying the Dirty Blues Rock stylings of their music.

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Customer Reviews

  • Scott
  • April 18, 2022
Okay, I may be Three Scotch In biased.. but I'm also not really a whisky fan. This single malt not only made me a fan - it made me a fan-atic. Forget what you know about regular whisky, even your standard premium whisky - this leaves them all in the dust. So good, all taste and aromas, absolutely no burn. Zero tips or tails, this is the glorious middle - and you can tell.
  • JK Custom Guitars MTL
  • May 18, 2022
Great taste, amazing color and perfect blend. A truly sophisticated, classy whiskey, perfect for sipping with whiskey rocks. Well done!

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