BC Hopped Whisky

750ML42% ALC/VOL
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  • As distillers, we are fans of traditional craft distilling methods, where subtle flavours and aromas develop through the fine distillation steps and then matures further as the spirit ages in carefully selected barrels. This is a whisky to be explored for its unique aromatic and flavour components, and appreciated for its innovation and creativity.

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This innovative line of Okanagan Whisky from Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery allows us to push the boundaries of traditional whisky making and create a new path of small batch 100% Craft BC Whiskies.
This Whisky line starts with adding local BC Cascade hops to the whisky wash in the brewers kettle prior to the fermentation phase, so that in essence we are creating an unfinished beer wash (100% local Okanagan malted barley), which we then ferment and double distil to challenge the very institution of whisky production.  We believe boundaries are made to be pushed, and fences limiting creativity, toppled!
The 2018 Release was a Porter style BC Hopped Whisky.  The 2019 Release will be our Okanagan IPA style BC Hopped Whisky!

Colour: A sensuous, burnished / deep-copper hue.
Nose: Flirtatiously hoppy notes of floral and citrus, complemented with seductive tones stone jammy stone-fruit and waves of vanilla and caramel.
Taste: Layers of caramel, plum and oak, with a wonderful warmth and lingering hint of apricot, vanilla and fresh hops.
Mouth-feel: Shamelessly smooth over the tongue followed by a luxurious warmth that builds towards a spicy roundness and finishes with a memory of that perfectly balanced IPA you know and love.
Finish: A bewitching twilight of warm, ripened stone-fruit, delicate hops, and luxurious vanilla leaving the beer-lover in you begging for your next sip!

Customer Reviews

  • Colin Macdonald
  • April 6, 2019
The rating scale is flawed, nothing is “perfect” and “good” doesn’t do this whisky justice, it’s better than good. I really enjoy it, it tastes great. I’m not sure I agree with the tasting notes. I find the hops subtle which I am happy about, I’m not a fan of these IPA’s where the hops overpower the other flavours, I want balance in my beer and in my whisky and this malt is nicely balanced. It reminds me more of a Irish whisky than Scotch. This hopped whisky is delicious and there’s something in the early stage of the finish that’s outstanding, I’m having trouble naming. I will definitely be recommending this one!

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