Hopped Whisky Okanagan Spirits

Master Distiller Series BC Hopped Whisky

750ML42% ALC/VOL
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  • In 2014, our distiller released our first ever beer-inspired whisky - BC Hopped.

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Unlike a single malt whisky, our Hopped Whisky uses deeper roasted malts to which Cascades hops are added in the brew kettle after the mashing/lautering stage. In many ways similar to making a porter or stout beer. Two distillations later the fine whisky, with hop aromatics and flavours that are carried through, is aged in freshly emptied Jack Daniels Whisky barrels and left to age for 5 years.

Distiller’s Notes: “This batch of Hopped Whisky is characterized by vanilla aromatics, similar to those of a single malt, but a different layer of flavours on the palate ranging from hints of grapefruit to a layer of chocolate accompanied by a nice mild hop bitterness on the side and then rolling on top. A nice light whisky with many complexities from the hops, but no IPA in your face.” – Peter von Hahn, Senior Distiller.

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  • Christina Dulik
  • April 7, 2018

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