BRBN Bourbon-Style Whisky 1.75L

1750ml40% alc/vol

$145.00 (BEFORE TAX)

With this first of it’s kind BC bourbon-style corn whisky, Okanagan Spirits opens a new chapter in Craft Canadian Whiskies.

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Harvested from Coldstream valley grain corn, through diligent milling, fermenting, distilling and aging we introduce BC’s first Bourbon-style Corn Whisky, BRBN.

The grain corn is grown just west of our Vernon Flagship distillery, and is milled onsite before being fermented and distilled in our state-of-the-art copper pot flavour stills.

After a carefully monitored distillation process, our BRBN whisky is put down to rest and mature in carefully selected white American toasted oak casks. These heavily toasted honeycomb barrels release a flavour of burnt caramel to finesse the sweet flavour.

Return the bottle at our distillery and receive $25 off your next purchase


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