Road’s End: a collaboration with Martin’s Lane Winery

750ML40% ALC/VOL
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  • $75.00 (BEFORE TAX)
  • Double-Wood Pinot Noir Finished Bourbon-Style Whisky. Road's End represents a wonderful collaboration whisky where the end result is the perfect marriage of two Okanagan iconic cask presentations!    Winning Gold & Excellence in Terroir at the Canadian Artisan Spirits Awards 2023

Double-Wood Pinot Noir Finished Bourbon-Style WhiskyThe idea started, as things usually do in the industry, with a meeting of minds and ideas over some of the most amazing Pinot Noir in the Valley at Kelowna’s unparalleled Martin’s Lane Winery.With the raising of glasses, it was decided that the subtle aromas and textures of the Pinot were almost perfect compliments to the body and structure of our beloved BRBN Bourbon Style Whisky,… and from there Road’s End was born!After aging 4 years in our custom white-oak casks, our Bourbon-Style BRBN is then emptied from those barrels and filled into Martin’s Lane newly emptied wine barrels for the final 6 months of the ageing, or “marriage” process!The final result…An elegant jasper-red, seductively-smooth bourbon-style whisky with subtle notes of currants and stone fruit, and just a hint of white pepper on the finish.To our good friends at Martin’s Lane Winery…Cheers!

Customer Reviews

  • Tim Bell
  • February 10, 2022
Was fortunate enough to taste this whisky before the label hit the bottle, ordered online ASAP and so glad I did. Lovely, lovely whisky with such a smooth finish. Do not add, mix anything with this, drink it straight! You guys hit this one out of the park for sure. Sure hope there is another....
  • Jeffrey Simon
  • May 11, 2022
Bourbon style whisky is not my usual go to, however this one I had to have more favourite way to drink this whisky is to share the smoothness with friends after dinner or by myself as a "little" tipple before bed; sweet dreams and a good nights rest assured!
  • Craig
  • July 27, 2022
I tried this at Easter at the Vernon distillery and what a treat! Had to purchase a bottle to bring back home. This is an excellent expression of bourbon style whisky - it is so smooth and delicious. I prefer to drink whiskies neat, in a Glencairn style glass or in the Canadian Glencairn style glass - the flavours are a treat. I've shared with a couple of friends and they are equally impressed.

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