Gin 3-Pack 375ml

375ml40% alc/vol

$89.00 (BEFORE TAX)

Family Reserve Okanagan Gin, EVOLVE Legacy Gin & Essentials BC Gin

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Family Reserve Okanagan Gin is BC’s first apple-based gin, handcrafted at our flagship distillery in Vernon to showcase the Okanagan terroir. EVOLVE Gin is part of our Family Distillery’s commitment to fighting discrimination stemming from gender inequality. Our Essentials BC Gin is 100% field-to-flask and is handcrafted at our flagship distillery in Vernon to showcase the Okanagan terroir.

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Essentials Collection

Three Mainstream Spirits

The Essential Collection by Okanagan Spirits is a selection of three mainstream spirits, essential to any home or professional bar.

Handcrafted in British Columbia, Canada, using Copper Pot stills, we offer a range of premium Whisky and gluten-free Gin & Vodka.

These premium distilled spirits can be enjoyed neat or over ice, alternatively they can be used as the essential base for a creative cocktail.

Family Reserve Collection

Spirit of Innovation & Excellence

Created to give our craft spirits community something truly original and uniquely Okanagan at its core we introduce three spirits that not only tell the story of our local terroir, but also celebrate the spirit of innovation and excellence, that we at Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery hold dear to our heart.

As BC’s Original Craft Distillery, we believe in forging new paths and new styles of craft made spirits and that is why we present to you three BC firsts!

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