Evolve Gin 375ml

375ml40% alc/vol

$32.00 (BEFORE TAX)

EVOLVE Gin is part of our Family Distillery’s commitment to supporting the fight against discrimination stemming from gender inequality.

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EVOLVE is a new line of gin for Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery.  It starts its journey in local orchards, just a few kilometers from our family distillery.  After crafting our gluten-free fruit alcohol, we add our secret blend of botanicals, re-distill, and then infuse our local wildflower melange to impart the magical colour-changing properties that are activated when citrus or tonic are mixed with the gin.

At its core, the Okanagan Spirits EVOLVE Legacy Gin Project is an initiative to make gender equality a reality.  Proceeds from each bottle provide funding to organizations that champion educational opportunities and empowerment initiatives for women and those affected by gender discrimination in an effort to balance the scales.  EVOLVE gin is seductively smooth and 100% gluten-free.  If our gin can EVOLVE, surely society can too!

Nose:  Springtime captured in a bottle with highlights of Basil, Orange, and Meadowsweet

Mouth-feel:  Elegantly smooth and fresh, with a lingering warmth

Finish:  The perfect altered reality that our EVOLVE Legacy Gin Project is fighting for!

Change the Colour, Change the World, one G&T at a time!

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