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Barrel Aged Bartlett Pear (Poire Williams)

375ML40% ALC/VOL
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  • $40.00 (BEFORE TAX)
  • The soul of our Poire Williams (Pear Brandy) is the fully ripe Bartlett pear, which is carefully ripened further in fruit bins (Bartlett pears are the only fruit whose taste density can be improved through supplementary ripening).  This is our NEW barrel aged version.

Picked from Kelowna, BC, orchards our pears are fermented at precisely the height of their aromatic development, they are then distilled to create a fine and delicate pear brandy.

Our traditional European-style Poire Williams is an optimum presentation of elegance and gentleness, which is typical for this fine pear.

We take this barrel aged version a step further by placing our already award winning Bartlett Pear Brandy into a new use Okanagan Spirits custom American oak cask for 6 months prior to bottling.

Interesting Fact: It takes over two dozen Okanagan Bartlett pears to make just one bottle of this fabulous Poire Williams.

Customer Reviews

  • thomas poda
  • April 23, 2024
The real stuff. After years of looking for a local supply of proper brandy, I've finally found a Canadian crafter of the genuine article. Would buy definitely again. Aki pálinkát keress, vegyen es igyon ebböl! Egyszerűen kiváló!

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