Orange & Juniper

Orange & Juniper

120ML40% ALC/VOL
  • $24.95 (BEFORE TAX)
  • This elegant bitters easily stands up to oak-matured spirits, and has a powerful presence in lighter cocktail applications.

Tasting notes of fresh orange peels, herbaceous juniper and bright green cardamom with the bittering power of bright, fresh turmeric and cinchona bark.

Beverage recommendations: White spirits, oak-matured spirits, Tequila, Pisco, vermouth and other aromatized wines. Perfect as an addition to sparkling or flat water, smoothies, tea, white spirits, whisky, vermouth, sake, beer & cider, sparkling wine

Cooking recommendations: Replace vanilla extract in blonde cakes, dessert sauces, cookies and shortbreads. This is the ultimate finish for a hollandaise sauce and makes a killer marinade for fish and shellfish.

120 ml = 4.2 fl oz (Imperial)/4.1 fl oz (US)

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