Ms. Better’s Bitters Tonic

  • $31.95 (BEFORE TAX)
  • Ms. Better's Tonic bitters add the subtle cinchona flavours of tonic water to your drinks without the sugar and dilution of actual tonic.  A great complement to gin- and vodka-based cocktails that need some complexity but you want to keep concentrated. Fan of a classic G&T but want something straight up and richer? Add a dash of these to a gin Martini. Or maybe you'd like the flavour but no sweetness? Add these to a Vodka Soda. Always make your cocktails too sweet? These are a great versatile option to finish off that fruit-forward drink. ABV 56% 118mL / 4 oz bottle Made in British Columbia

Tasting Notes: very bitter chincona, quinine-forward, citric acid, botanical, zesty.

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