Ms. Better’s Bitters Cypress Bowl

  • $31.95 (BEFORE TAX)
  • Ms. Better's Cypress Bowl bitters are a strong, piney, grassy complement to many cocktails. Picture yourself on the summit of the ski hill: fluffy snowflakes are gently falling, you can feel the warm sun at your back and are watching the ice slowly melt off the trees. There is the slightest hint of spring in the air. This is Cypress Bowl. Use with herbal liqueurs, in savoury gin- and vermouth-forward Martinis, to add a contrast of greens to floral drinks, or the kick up a classic Caesar or Bloody Mary. ABV 40% 118mL / 4 oz bottle Made in Vancouver

Tasting Notes: Pine greens and cones, forest, slight bark, fresh cut grass, aroma of petrichor (post-rain smell), fresh moss, resin, sap, balanced acidity and mild bitterness.

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