Cascade Celery

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The Cascade Celery bitters are savoury and floral with expressions of summertime green herbs.

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Notes of celery, dill and caraway, the floral character of hops and chamomile and the bittering power of angelica and dandelion.

Beverage recommendations: Bourbon, whisky, Tequila and mezcal, white spirits, sake, dry vermouth and other aromatized wines, sherry,  sparkling water & wine; amazing in Bloody Marys/Caesars

Cooking recommendations: Vinaigrettes, cures, dressings, and marinades for olives and pickles. Use to lightly accent delicate flavours like fresh oysters, as well as sharp “umami” flavours like soy, hard-ripened cheeses, mushrooms and sea urchin.

Beverage Tasting Institute International Review of Spirits Award: Gold Medal (2014)


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