Orchard Negroni

375ML36% ALC/VOL
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  • $35.00 (BEFORE TAX)
  • 2nd release in our Cocktail Collection: The Orchard Negroni is a perfect blend of our Family Reserve Gin, Cranberry Liqueur & Bitters.  Enjoy a quality craft cocktail every time.  Just add ice (or not), pour, and enjoy!  Using 100% BC fruit. Garnish with orange twist or lime.  Gluten free.

Shaken Cocktail:  Take this classic stirred cocktail to the next level!

• 3 oz Orchard Negroni
• 1 oz Calamansi Sour Syrup
• Ginger Beer or Soda Water
• Fresh Mint
Muddle mint in shaker, add ice
and ingredients. Shake, strain, top
with ginger beer or soda water.
Garnish with fresh mint.

Customer Reviews

  • Jeffrey Simon
  • December 6, 2022
This Orchard Negroni is a real treat. First sip was wow! Tried replicating it…I’ll let the masters to their work. Reordering!

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