The Manhattan Project

375ML36% ALC/VOL
  • $37.50$65.00 (BEFORE TAX)
  • 1st in our Cocktail Collection: The Manhattan Project is a perfect blend of our BRBN bourbon-style whisky, Pear & Plum brandy, Cherry and Maraschino Liqueur.   Enjoy a quality craft cocktail every time. Just add ice (or not), pour, and enjoy!  Using 100% BC fruit & grain. Garnish with Bourbon Cherries  

Enjoy Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery’s ready-to-serve, quality craft cocktail – The Manhattan

Three years ago, we tasked our team of distillers and in-house classic cocktail connoisseurs to develop the perfect Manhattan cocktail experience.
Our mission involved two key points:
1. Concoct the most decadent and elegant ready-to-serve whisky-based craft cocktail imaginable; and
2. Use only Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery’s internationally award-winning spirits. No fillers. No added sweeteners. Simply 100% pure B.C. craft spirits. The end result is five of our base spirits fused into the perfect elixir.
The Manhattan Project has our very own “El Capitain’s” nod of approval.
The Manhattan Project is Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery’s first release in a series of ready-to-serve craft cocktails. Be on the lookout for more indulgences to come.

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