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Rox & Roll Whisky Set

  • $64.95 (BEFORE TAX)
  • Never worry about a ruined cocktail caused by melting ice again. The Rox & Roll Stainless steel ball will cool your fine drinks... without diluting - while playfully rolling in your drink and never melting down! By rolling the ball around the thumb-hole you will feel the aroma of the whiskey in the air, intensifying the taste while enjoying the rolling motion. When done, simply deposit the balls into their ice molds for easy access and freezing until their next use.
    • Set includes: Decanter 750 ml, 2 lead-free whisky glasses 300 ml, 2 large ice chilling balls, 2 locking ice molds and stainless steel ice tongue
    • Locking ice molds with non slip base easy and hygienic storage in freezer
    • Open ice molds for easy access to chilled ice balls
    • Place the Rox & Roll stainless steel ice ball in locking mold, freeze for a minimum of 2 hours. Use the stainless steel tongue to gently place the stainless steel ball in the glass. Savour your favorite drink without compromising the taste.
    • Glass; Stainless Steel; Ball interior 95% water and 5% edible alcohol

Decanter, 2 lead free whisky glasses, 2 large ice balls, 2 locking ice molds, stainless steel ice tongue.

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