Manhattan 4 pc Mixologie Set

  • $58.95 (BEFORE TAX)
  • Manhattan Mixology Cocktail Mixing Set, 4 Piece Cocktail Set

  • 4 piece cocktail mixing set includes a mixing jug, mixing spoon, jigger, and a cocktail strainer for you to stir, strain, and serve as a mixing pro!
  • Cocktail Mixing glass with bevel cut embellishment is used to build your cocktails and the wide spout enables a smooth pour. Bar mixing glass measures 600 ml. – 20 oz.
  • Cocktail Strainer removes ice and muddled fruits or herbs from your mixed drink as it is poured into the serving glass
  • Cocktail Jigger, a dual-sided metal cup, is used to measure out your liquor. One end measures 1 ounce, and the other end measures 2 ounces
  • Cocktail spoon with spiral designed handle is longer and heavier than your typical spoon as is used to crush ice, muddle and stir cocktails

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