Icy Decanter 750ml

  • $35.95 (BEFORE TAX)
    • 0.75L whisky decanter with a dramatic icy pattern
    • Lead-Free Crystal
    • Features a square stopper that keeps your liquor secure
    • Makes a bold impression on everyone

There is no finer way to serve your best whisky than from this Icy square whisky decanter. Beautifully crafted with an icy look on the bottom of the decanter, this elegant non-leaded crystal decanter will add sophistication to your barware. Everyone will want to raise a glass of your whisky when it’s presented in this sparkling fine crystal decanter that radiates beauty to be enjoyed every day. The dramatic design of this whisky decanter matches the taste of all whisky lovers. It is perfect for gifting purposes on birthdays and anniversaries to your friends who long for superior quality and splendor. They are sure to cherish it as a gift forever.

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