Tovolo Sphere Clear Ice System

$39.95 (BEFORE TAX)

Sphere Clear Ice System
Creates 4 seamless, 2.5″ ice spheres.
Clear spheres are ultra-slow-melting & won’t dilute your favorite spirits.
Slim design stores compactly in freezer.

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Finally, an easy method for making clear ice! the perfectly insulated system creates a controlled environment where the oxygen is pushed into the bottom, leaving you with 4 crystal-clear ice spheres

These are sure to impress and won’t dilute your favorite spirits while the classic sphere shape is perfect for your drink on the rocks or for crafting cocktails in your Cocktail Shaker

These ultra-slow melting clear ice spheres won’t dilute your favorite spirits or cocktails

This mold creates 4 seamless, 2.5″ ice spheres and are BPA free and dishwasher safe


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