PUR Dried Meyer Lemon Wheels

  • $14.95
  • Fresh Lemon Flavour: Dried Meyer Lemon is dehydrated at peak ripeness and at a low temperature to maintain flavour. Adds a fresh delicious hit of Lemon to any drink or recipe. Created in small batches with all-natural ingredients to ensure freshness and maximum flavour. No added sugar, chemicals, preservatives, sulphites, artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners. Made in Beautiful British Columbia

Dried Fruit Cocktail Garnish:

Add a dehydrated Lemon wheel for a beautiful finish to any cocktail, mocktail or use in flavoured water, tea or for desserts and baking.

Long Shelf Life:

PUR Dehydrated Meyer Lemon Slices have a 12-month shelf life. Ideal freshness for the DIY home entertainer or bars and restaurants looking for sustainable cocktail ingredients.

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