Taboo Gold Genuine Absinthe

500ml60% alc/vol

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Our limited edition Taboo Gold is distilled in small single batches once a year.

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This naturally gold coloured Absinthe harmonizes well with age.

Taboo Gold is produced by macerating the herbs in a fine blend of our double distilled fruit and wine alcohols.

Kirsch (cherry alcohol) was an important contributor in the 2012 Taboo Gold. Herbs selected were Grand Wormwood, Anise, Fennel, Angelica, Coriander and a new glimpse of select Cinnamon Bark.

A separate collection of fine herbs added further aromas and were the base for the beautiful gold colour in the Absinthe. These were Lemon Balm, Hyssop, Roman Wormwood, and Veronica.

Imagine a very large tea bag of these herbs slowly steeping in the Absinthe Gold base. A very careful and delicate process to get the right infusion into the final Absinthe Gold.

This Absinthe will louche (turn slightly white with the addition of water) very slowly and will not be as dominant as in our main Taboo Absinthe. This louche process is a key to releasing many of the locked in fine fragrances.

Gold colours infused from the herbs mask some of the visual louching evidence. This is not a wimpy absinthe – You may be taken aback by the aggressive cooked herb, almost silage, taste pushing out front in this young absinthe.

Sip slowly after mixing with two to three parts cold water and you will find each of the herbs peeking through in the mix. More fun than counting how many rabbits are on a beer label. Likely you will find the cinnamon first.

Taboo Gold; hand-crafted in our copper pot still for you to enjoy and mature together.


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