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Meet The Team

‘Cus Whisky don’t grow on trees*

Okanagan Spirits would not be where it is today without its team of hard-working and talented individuals. Here is your chance to meet the faces behind the driving force of our distilleries.

*Whisky Barrels are cut from Oak, Oak is a tree.

Tony Dyck

President of Okanagan Spirits Craft Distilleries

Our “El Capitain” is the reason why Okanagan Spirits is what it is today. Tony’s passion for the family distillery coupled with his unsurpassed work ethic are the secret ingredients behind Okanagan Spirits becoming Canada’s most internationally awarded craft distillery. He’s also been the driving force behind Okanagan Spirit’s commitment to local, part of the reason for having two independent operating distillery locations.

Tony might credit the occasional dram of Poire William in his morning coffee, but his dedication to excellence inspires not only his family, but also the broader Okanagan Spirits team, made up of the best talent in the distilling industry. Tony and his wife Pat live in Vernon, as does their daughter, Melissa and her two little girls. Their sons, Tyler and Jeremie, as well as two more grandchildren and two grand-dogs live in Kelowna.

Tyler Dyck

CEO of Okanagan Spirits Craft Distilleries
President of the Craft Distiller’s Guild of BC

Tyler has been working alongside his father Tony, as one half of the father & son team, to boost awareness of the art of craft distilling and the opportunities it provides to BC farmers and orchardists. Apart from mixing a mean cocktail, Tyler also inherited his father’s tireless energy and has worked with local and provincial governments as the head of the Craft Distiller’s Guild of BC, to support the burgeoning craft distilling industry, while positioning Okanagan Spirits as a leader in North America and on the world stage. Under Tyler’s watch, Okanagan Spirits’ success on the World Stage has been expanding from Gin, Vodka, Eaux-de-Vies, and Liqueurs to include a place at the table among the top international Whisky producers for each of Okanagan Spirits’ four lines of Whiskies. To this end, their five-year old Laird of Fintry Single Malt, and Final Proof Whisky releases won gold and silver medals, respectively, at the 2015 World Spirits Awards in Demark. Tyler lives a short bike-ride away from Okanagan Spirit’s Kelowna distillery.

Peter vonHahn

Master Distiller

Peter is the alchemist at Okanagan Spirits. He is Canada’s most awarded Craft Distiller and the only distiller in North America to achieve not only Master Class but also World Class Distillery designations from the European Based World Spirits Awards (WSA). In 2013 and again in 2015 Peter was instrumental in Okanagan Spirits being awarded Distillery of the Year and also Spirits of the Year from the WSA in Klagenfurt Austria and the WSA in Køge Denmark. Based in Vernon, Peter is a pioneer in his profession and can often be found in his lab concocting a new recipe or further refining some of his tried and tested favourites.

Chris Burke

Junior Distiller

Chris joined Okanagan Spirits in early 2015 to help drive their whisky portfolios forward and to help with the expansion and development of the more than 25 spirits in production at both distillery locations. Chris has a degree in Brewing and Distilling from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh and is currently in charge of Okanagan Spirits’ expansion into a BC Bourbon-style of grain-corn whisky (“BRBN”), and the further development of their much celebrated Final Proof, Master Distiller Series beer-based line of whiskies. We are always eager to hear what Chris will propose next for our 100% BC Whisky release.

Shereen Abbas

Distillery Manager, Kelowna
Digital Marketing and Communications

Shereen has a degree and background in journalism and is the driving force behind our social media and online presence at Okanagan Spirits. She is the face of our Kelowna Distillery and manages the production, staffing and upcoming calendar of events for our central Okanagan location. Based in Kelowna, Shereen can often be found representing our distillery at sponsored events in the community, educating patrons at the tasting bar downtown, or concocting a new cocktail.